Monday, March 11, 2013

The Condonation

For meet Me when it doesn't rain;
I'll show you what you lost and what I gained.

And decieving in it's minute pretence;

TIME doth showed with the demeanor you brought that end.

Today You make Me feel,

Like I'm in devil's fold;
But when You had tried on Me,
I doth emerged as pure gold.

You were well discerned,

of the flagrant ill-mannerism that aggrieved Me;
Yet with courage and determination
 you affronted me publicly.

Guess, this whole thing was,

but a Dilettante to You;
Maybe You knew, I were such a Fool,
to fall for those hocus-pocus that You spewed.

You were My Crony,

You will Remain so;
For I make committments
that are forever's store.

Now those belligerent stare on the galore's arm
are witnessing my labour's snare;
Remember this Forget Me not
for a thousand Pardon is enough to Spare.


  1. This is incredible. Coming here from your Twitter bio. A tad disappointed since I expected more writings, especially after reading this! Do you write/ post elsewhere? I write a bit myself too.

  2. It seems that you write to strengthen your own resolve.

    I can vouch for each word.